Tethering the assembly of SNARE complexes

sima lev - 2 Tethering the assembly of SNARE complexes

The fusion of transport vesicles with their target mem – branes is fundamental for intracellular membrane traf – ficking and diverse physiological processes and is driven by the assembly of functional soluble N – ethylmaleimide – sensitive factor attachment protein receptor ( SNARE ) complexes. Prior to fusion, transport vesicles are physi – cally linked to their target membranes by various teth-ering factors. Recent studies suggest that tethering factors also positively regulate the assembly of function – al SNARE complexes, thereby coupling tethering with fusion events. This coupling is mediated, at least in part, by direct physical interactions between tethering fac-tors, SNAREs, and Sec1/Munc18 (SM) proteins. In this review we summarize recent progress in understanding the roles of tethering factors in the assembly of specific and functional SNARE complexes driving membrane-fusion events…

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